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Division Compound Feed

Division Introduction

Division of compound feed production is part of LUKROM Ltd. Along with the division of livestock production it forms the so-called livestock vertical integration, which is focused exclusively on livestock production. The division manufactures feed mixture through centers in Lipa and Vyskov. Both establishments are registered for the production of complete and supplementary feed mixtures for livestock using premixes. The compositions are prepared either as loose, shaped structure granules of 3-5 mm or crushed, in bulk or bagged.

The centers in Lipa and Vyškov offer farms compound feed for pigs and poultry. The total production of all our mixing centers in the past years were at least 95,000 tons of compound feed annually, of which about 60% was for poultry, 29% for pigs, 10% for cattle and 1% other. 28% of compound feed produced annually is utilized on our farms.



production of compound feed for poultry

production of compound feed for pigs

production of compound feed for cattle

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